With Fish Tycoon, a simulation game for Windows PCs, families can have all the fun and none of the mess while maintaining three tropical fish aquariums. At the same time, the program teaches kids about genetics, running a fish-breeding business and pet responsibility. USA Today
"Fish Tycoon shows us just how addicting and fun real-time games can be. What I really like about "Fish Tycoon" is that while it is addictive, I can have it running while I do other things, like answering email or work. You can check on it once an hour for a few minutes, and go back to work. I recommend everyone at least download the demo." About.com
It is really a great game focused on cross-breeding fish to create new breeds. The game, like Nintendogs, forces the 'leave it alone for a day and come back' approach. The only complaint is that you have to keep track of your breeding outcomes on your own. A big master chart in the game that fills in as you went would be really a nice addition. Otherwise a hard to beat game fish fan or no! Game Tunnel
"The graphics are stunning, the game play is addicting, and the overall experience playing this game it has been one of the best that I have experienced on any game whether it be on the PDA or home PC. This game is a winner!" David Eaton - PDA Arcade  
  "If you thrive on games like The Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon, you may find Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon to be just what you've been looking for! " Heather Wardell - Computing Unplugged  
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